The current project I am leading is the CEITER project, an ERA-Chair project funded by the EU. With the purpose to improve educational research, we employ data-driven methods typically called “learning analytics”. At the same time, we also build up the research infrastructure at Tallinn University, so that this research is theory-driven, has greater impact in society, and is more sustainable.

I have had leading roles in several large-scale research projects funded by the European Commission. These were in the area of Technology-enhanced Learning. In all of them we have looked at how people learn at the workplace, and how this is connected to wider issues of knowledge management and sharing in communities and organizations. Technologies we have been using are social semantic technologies, mobile technologies and learning analytics.

Learning Layers – Scaling Up Technologies for Informal Workplace Learning in SME clusters
2012-2016, EU-FP7
Role: Scientific Lead

MATURE – Social Learning in Knowledge Networks
2008-2012, EU-FP7
Role: Workpackage Leader

APOSDLE – Advanced Process-oriented Self-directed Learning Environment
2006-2010, EU-FP6
Role: Deputy Scientific Lead, Workpackage Leader

Besides these more application oriented projects, I have led together with my colleagues from Graz University of Technology two projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). In these projects, we have researched some of the cognitive foundations of learning, such as working memory, categorization and creativity.

Overcoming mental fixation by switching the internal spotlight
2015-2017, FWF
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (with Dietrich Albert)

Implicit and Explicit Memory in Collaborative Tagging
2013-2015, FWF
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (with Dietrich Albert)

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